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Differentially regulated genes in control and c-myc N-myc deficient LT-HSCs
Measurement Type: 
Transcription Profiling (Microarray)
Design Type: 
Perturbation Design
Genetic Characteristics
Analysis of HSCs from control and c-myc N-myc deficient long-term hematopoietic stem cells. HSCs lacking both c-myc and N-myc display increased apoptosis rates. Data provide insight into the molecular changes occuring upon complete loss of Myc activity, clarifying the resulting apoptotic mechanism and the role of Myc family proteins in HSCs. LT-HSC (Lin-Sca1+CD150+CD48-) cells were sorted from the BM of MxCre c-myc flox2 N-myc flox2 (experimental) and c-myc flox2 N-myc flox2 (control) mice 3 days after the last pI-pC injection. Each condition was analysed in triplicates, with each replicate consisting of a pool of 3 dKO mice or 2 control mice.


Hematopoietic stem cell function and survival depend on c-Myc and N-Myc activity.
Laurenti E, Varnum-Finney B, Wilson A, Ferrero I, Blanco-Bose WE, Ehninger A, Knoepfler PS, Cheng P-F, H MacDonald R, Eisenman RN, et al.
Cell Stem Cell. 2008 Dec 4; 3(6):611-24. PMID: 19041778. Abstract
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