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Pseudo-temporal ordering of individual cells reveals regulators of differentiation
Measurement Type: 
Transcription Profiling (RNA-Seq)
We selected primary human myoblasts as a model system of cell differentiation to investigate whether ordering cells by progress revealed new regulators of the process. We sequenced RNA-Seq libraries from each of several hundred cells taken over a time-course of serum-induced differentiation. Please note that this dataset is a single-cell RNA-Seq data set, and each cell comes from a capture plate. Thus, each well of the plate was scored and flagged with several QC criteria prior to library construction, which are provided as sample characteristics; CONTROL indicates that this library is a off-chip tube control library constructed from RNA of approximately 250 cells and 'DEBRIS' indicates that the well contained visible debris (and may or may not include a cell). Libraries marked DEBRIS thus cannot be confirmed to come from a single cell.


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