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Global Gene Expression Profiles of Single-Cell Derived Fetal Rat Calvaria Cell Colonies with Adipocyte and Bone Markers
Measurement Type: 
Transcription Profiling (Microarray)
Design Type: 
Parallel Group Design
Single cell-derived colonies were obtained by sorting 21 days fetal rat calvaria cells into microtitre wells using flow cytometry. Colonies were categorized according to a limited gene expression profiling for a specific bone (osteocalcin) and a specific adipocyte (adipsin) marker by real-time PCR. Colonies expressing neither, one or both bone and adipocyte markers are in the sample set. Microarray analysis will address the global gene expression profiles of CFU-O (bone marker only), CFU-F (neither bone nor adipocyte marker) and CFU-bipotential (both markers) derived from single cells. CFU-A (adipocyte marker only) samples are also available for analysis if warranted.


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