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Comparison of C212 Myoblasts Infected with a Retrovirus Expressing Pax7d or an Empty Virus (puro)
Measurement Type: 
Transcription Profiling (Microarray)
Design Type: 
Perturbation Design
Genetic Characteristics
C2C12 myoblasts were infected with a retrovirus expressing Pax7d or with an empty virus (puro) as a control. All of the samples originated from the same common pool of parental C2C12. This pool was split into six streams. A single prep of Pax7d-puro virus was split into three volumes and used to infect three of the streams. A single prep of puro-alone virus was similarly split in three and used to infect the remaining three streams. From the point of the infection forward each stream was maintained distinct from the others. Cells were infected and grown simultaneously under identical conditions. The puro samples may be reused as controls for future experiments, and therefore were immediately hybridized to the MOE430A and MOE430B chips in order to generate a complete dataset. The Pax7d samples, as a specific component of this experiment, were only hybridized to the MOE430A chip as a first-look into the system.


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